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Laboratory Protection Systems (LPS/UPS)

Minimize power supply and stability problems with Franek Technologies in Tustin, CA.Our laboratory power protection systems are tailored to meet your specific needs. We pay attention to the requirements of your specific equipment, effectively providing a stable power source regardless of the situation.
Our laboratory uninterruptible power supply systems are recommended by the world’s leading manufacturers of medical and scientific equipment. Each of our laboratory UPS products is configured for your specific instrument, ensuring that you have the proper power protection system for your equipment.

The Importance of Power Protection

Power surges and interruption problems in the healthcare industry represent an enormous cost in the forms of reduced productivity, lost reporting time, and expensive retesting and re-calibration. In worst cases, this may even lead to equipment damage. One simple way you can mitigate these dangers is by installing a Franek Technologies high-quality laboratory UPS with battery power reserves. This UPS for laboratory equipment serves two purposes:
  • Provide clean and stabilized power to sensitive machines
  • Provide instant battery backup in the event of a power surge or failure
Field studies have shown that equipment powered by a clean, continuous energy source has a longer life span and a lower overall cost of ownership. By improving power in your lab, Franek LPS/UPS solutions can boost your operating margins. Case studies indicate that a lab using our solutions can expect an attractive ROI and cost/benefits ratio between 5:1 and 10:1.

Find the Right Laboratory UPS for You

Matching you to the right power supply is easy. We make custom built ups for laboratories and research centers. All we need is the make and model to get started. Our qualified engineers have extensive experience in laboratory setups and processes, and can provide the ideal LPS/UPS solutions for your unique needs.

Why Choose Franek Technologies

Our ISO-certified company was founded in 1974 to provide reliable laboratory protection systems for medical and research industries worldwide. We take the time to understand your specific laboratory power requirements before sending you a quote so that we can identify the right UPS for every application.
Our products are trusted by health labs, research labs, university labs, and government research centers. When you come to us for UPS solutions, we make sure you get a product that is tailored to your machine. Schedule a free consultation by calling us or sending us an email.

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Still have more questions? Reach out to so you can learn more about how an investment in our laboratory uninterruptible power supply solutions can help you:
  • Maximize your instrumentation system’s performance
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Save thousands of dollars for your organization
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Franek Technologies has cultivated a strong reputation within the laboratory community for reliable power protection supplies.
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Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

Our UPS for laboratory equipment includes several performance advantages over traditional Online UPS. It is suitable for powering up an array of devices including servers, storage systems, VoIP telephony equipment, network and medical systems, and industrial applications.


Nothing should interfere with your work. Because of this, we designed our batteries with longer run times and superior cycle life in mind. You can also trust all our products are new, so that your product always has the maximum shelf life.

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Whatever your laboratory needs, you trust us to find the laboratory UPS for you.