Uninterruptible Power Supply

Franek Technologies has a long history of providing reliable machines. Our laboratory UPS is trusted by the medical and research communities. We provide custom equipment for the varying requirements in health labs, research labs, university labs, and government research centers. We can recommend suitable solutions for you, too.

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Franek UPS Model Franek Sentinel Dual True online 1000VA/1000W single-phase Rack-Tower UPS

Franek UPS Model Franek Sentinel Dual True online 3000VA/3000W single-phase Rack-Tower UPS

High Efficiency & Density

As an established provider of power protection UPS, Franek Technologies delivers solutions that can support servers, storage systems, and any machine or equipment required in a medical or research laboratory.

Power Factor 0.9

Simplified Installation

Installation Versatility

Reduced Running Costs

Runtime Expandability

Low Noise Level

The Franek Sentinel Dual is our latest high-density double-conversion online UPS for laboratories. It powers different types of devices such as VoIP telephony equipment, network systems, and medical systems, and it is suitable for industrial applications. The UPS model can power and protect Blade Server systems with high power input.

With a compact rack height of 2U, the Franek Sentinel Dual is suitable for up to 19” rack cabinet installations.

The uninterrupted power supply unit features a practical design and multiple performance advantages over traditional online UPS models. For example, the newly designed inverter has a 0.9 output power factor and 92% operational efficiency in online mode, making it one of the highest energy conversion systems on the market.

This Franek Technologies UPS also provides a solution for business continuity applications that require long battery runtimes. Its battery autonomy can extend further using ER models that are fitted with more powerful battery chargers.

Additionally, the Franek Sentinel Dual is designed for energy savings. This UPS model has a shut-off button so you can bring down energy consumption to zero if the unit undergoes prolonged periods of inactivity.

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Why Choose Franek Technologies

Our ISO-certified company has been providing UPS units for laboratory equipment since 1974. These products are the culmination of decades of engineering, manufacturing, and customer service expertise with the intent of solving your power needs and operational constraints.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for reliable laboratory UPS for medical, analytical, research, and diagnostic purposes. We tailor solutions that contribute to noticeable cost savings, operational efficiency, and power stability for every customer.

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