VRLA Sealed Batteries

Maintenance – Free Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

When you order Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA) with Franek, you’re receiving the highest quality new batteries, not something that has been sitting on a shelf for years. These batteries are guaranteed to be less than nine months old because nothing should interfere with your work. Under strict and automated computer-controlled battery production systems that produce consistent and reliable performance, our VRLA batteries are designed for longer run times and superior cycle life. When you choose to replace your lab’s UPS with ours, you’ll know the difference in performance.

Safety in All Applications

Its innovative technology minimizes the gas generation, which is combined with an efficiency of 99%, providing maintenance free operation without the need for checking the electrolyte density or adding water all along its useful life, which is of up to five years under normal operating conditions.

Still not convinced? Here are the key features we stand by:

Why Choose Franek Technologies

Our ISO-certified company has been providing UPS units for laboratory equipment since 1974. These products are the culmination of decades of engineering, manufacturing, and customer service expertise with the intent of solving your power needs and operational constraints.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for reliable laboratory UPS for medical, analytical, research, and diagnostic purposes. We tailor solutions that contribute to noticeable cost savings, operational efficiency, and power stability for every customer.

We also provide other essential laboratory items: VALVE REGULATED LEAD ACID BATTERIES.

When you order VRLA batteries, you can be confident that they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for years. They’re guaranteed to be less than nine months old for dependable performance and superior cycle life.

The hand sanitizer is a USA-made formula that we can bottle with private labels at your request.

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