Applied Biosystems and Illumina Select Franek Technologies
to Protect Next Generation Genome Analysis Systems

Franek Technologies is named in site preparation documents for both Applied Biosystems and Illumina as recommended power protection provider for newest, cutting edge genome analysis instrumentation.

Tustin, CA – Franek Technologies, Inc., the leader in certified Category III-3 Laboratory Battery Backup Power Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), has officially been selected as the recommended source to provide instrumentation grade LPS units for Applied Biosystems’ (ABI) SOLiDTM System and Illumina’s Genome Analysis System. Together with Roche Applied Science and 454 Life Sciences’ Genome Sequencer FLX system, these complex, highly automated systems represent the most cutting edge genome analysis technology enabling new applications beyond the boundaries of traditional genetic analysis. Based on a 13-year working relationship with ABI and over two years with Illumina (formerly Solexa), Franek Technologies is now written into the site prep documents for both ABI’s SOLiD System DNA Analyzer and Illumina’s Genome Analysis System for all model 1206 configurations for domestic (North American) and international installations. The inclusion in the site prep documents for both companies demonstrates the understanding these manufacturers place on the importance of providing supplemental power protection for these complex and highly automated systems, as well as a high level of trust placed in Franek Technologies from market leaders to protect their leading-edge technology.


The importance of protecting costly instrumentation, ensuring the reliability of reportable results, while protecting often irreplaceable samples has been highlighted by the recent wild fires that swept across the state of California. These fires posed a real threat with serious consequences for the biotech and forensic centers in Los Angeles Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties in California. Franek Technologies protects approximately $750 million in instrumentation in these areas and NONE of the protected instrumentation experienced losses as a result of fire-related power fluctuations and glitches. Installed battery back-up systems enable managed shutdowns for all protected instrumentation and related computer equipment so instrumentation was not damaged and samples were not destroyed.

ABI’s SOLiD System, Illumina’s Genome Analysis System, and the Roche Applied Science and 454 Life Sciences’ Genome Sequencer FLX system have been added to Franek Technologies’ growing online application database that allows scientists and laboratory managers to protect their specific instrumentation against power glitches, uncontrollable transients, and outright outages that are so prevalent in laboratories around the world today. This online, user-friendly resource currently contains over 1,500 instruments from more than 100 manufacturers. Site visitors simply input their instrument manufacturers and model numbers and the database will instantly determine the appropriate pre-certified Franek Technologies’ power protection unit necessary to ensure 24/7 instrument and result reliability. Specifically for the new ABI and Illumina systems, the Franek Technology power protection units are:
The Applied Biosystems SOLiD System
Catalog number: FT1-SOLID-AB
SOLiD Systems DNA Analyzer (North America & Japan)
Catalog number: FT1-SOLIDCE-AB
SOLiD Systems DNA Analyzer (Europe/Other International/CE Marked)

Illumina Genome Analysis System (Formerly Solexa)
Catalog number: FT1-GA1206181-IC
Genome Analysis System (Model 1206) with Model 181 Paired End Module and HP Computer & Monitor
Catalog number: FT1-GA1206181-CE
Genome Analysis System Model 1206, Model 181 Paired End Module with HP Computer & Monitor (CE Marked)

“We are pleased to work with these leading DNA instrumentation companies to develop comprehensive power protection solutions, as well as being recognized and included in the site preparation documents for ABI’s and Illumina’s latest genome analysis technology,” commented Ray Hecker, VP and General Manager, Franek Technologies. “We are shipping LPS units to customers such as ABI, California Institute of Technology, DOE Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Harvard University, Illumina, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California the University of Washington and internationally – customers who recognize this high level of processing and throughput; providing supplemental certified power protection is not a luxury, but a requirement as part of any laboratory management’s best practices.”

Franek Technologies, Inc. specializes in providing Laboratory Productivity/Protection Systems (LPS/UPS) for analytical, diagnostics, forensic, life-science, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology instrumentation systems applications. Its certified uninterruptible battery backup power sources for laboratory and instrumentation applications protect over $3 billion in laboratory assets worldwide. The company’s power engineers have developed LPS/UPS products for over 1,500 instrumentation applications, from more than 100 manufacturers, to meet US Government power requirements. For more information, call (800) 326-6480 or visit

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