Franek Technologies will be presenting a technical poster at this year’s Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, Oregon on August 27th. The Cannabis Science Conference brings industry experts, instrument manufacturers, research scientists, and testing labs together for three days of keynote speakers, exhibits and presentations. Franek will be bringing their knowledge of Uninterruptible Power Protection and Laboratory Protection Systems to the Cannabis Laboratory Market.

UPS for Optimum Instrument Performance

Today more than ever a clean electrical environment for instruments in any laboratory setting is necessary for optimum instrument performance and maximum up time. With many Uninterruptible Power Supply products in the marketplace it can be confusing to choose a UPS for your instrument. Unfortunately, almost all Uninterruptible Power Supply products are targeting the computer & server marketplace. The market competition forces low profit margins and a focus on cost savings when designing and building UPS products.

Computer and server designers focus on making their digital high speed products bullet proof, and the primary electrical protection they need is, “Don’t let the power go away or my computer/server will crash.” Instrumentation has a higher demand for clean pure sine wave power. Instrumentation brings all engineering disciplines together, i.e. mechanical, electrical, digital, automation, fluidics, thermal, chemistry, genetics, etc. All of these engineering disciplines come together to produce the next greatest instrument application. This results in a final product that wants a clean air-conditioned environment with minimal radiated electrical noise and clean pure power to perform the wonders of forensics, genetics, pharmaceuticals, food and water purity.

Why you need Special UPS for Lab Instruments ?

GC, HPLC, Mass Specs are key instruments in the Cannabis Laboratory. Larger instrument systems often require a multitude of voltages, power levels and receptacles to support all of the accessories surrounding the primary instrument. Your UPS is required to protect millions of dollars of lab equipment. Along with a quality Uninterruptible Power Supply product it is important to find people in the power industry that know your instrument and all of the associated support requirements. Providing a single Uninterruptible Power Supply for every Lab Instrument, assures the system will have a common electrical neutral and ground to prevent ground loops or neutral float from disturbing the instrument in operation.

Franek Technologies is excited to attend the Cannabis Science Conference and bring insight to the value of having an Uninterruptible Power Supply with any laboratory instrument.

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