Maximize the throughput and productivity of Lab instruments.

Most laboratory professionals understand it is essential to follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s site preparation guide to avoid system malfunctions and to maximize the throughput and productivity of Lab instruments. However, there are a number of other important issues that must be tackled to

Franek Technologies understands that lab instruments are in continuous development and innovation. Attending Pittcon 2017 will give us full scope on the science and technology behind these pioneering instruments. More than just an exhibition, Pittcon offers short courses, live demos, and even technical programs that will help you improve your lab performance and efficiency. Our main goal in attending this year’s conference is to come up to speed on the latest instruments and technology on the market so that we can continue to consistently provide you with the latest uninterrupted power supply products designed specifically for your lab instruments.

At Franek Technologies, we put customers first. We go above and beyond to bring the latest technology and maximum protection to your lab instruments. Our presence at Pittcon will surely be beneficial to our company as it will aid our continuous drive to be up to the minute and forward thinking. This will guarantee that our customers get the latest and the best UPS to protect their lab instruments.

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