Tustin, Ca -Franek Technologies has configured an uninterruptible power supply unit to support the “KingFisher Duo Prime”. “KingFisher Duo Prime”..  Franek has had many requests from various laboratories that have a need for a battery backup solution for their “KingFisher Duo Prime”.  Franek has developed a plug and play solution for every lab that owns this instrument.  Geri Miller, President of Franek Technologies says, “We have had them going in various labs with very successful results.”

The KingFisher Duo Prime is a magnetic particle processor it separates and organizes the particles. It does so by picking up the particles.

Franek Technologies’ UPS/LPS products protect the KingFisher Duo Prime” from these eleven power problems that any laboratory faces.

  • Weather – lighting hits (power spikes) and power outages
  • Summer Heat – under voltage (brown outs)
  • Over voltage – power grid imbalances and settings
  • Switched transients – power grid or standby generator switching
  • Unstable frequency – standby generator drift
  • Voltage sag due to large electrical equipment (elevator) startup in the lab or building
  • Voltage surges due to power grid load switching
  • Load (instrument) Power Factor issues
  • Electrical noise induction on 50/60 Hz power lines and voltage flicker
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Complete power failure – power outage

The Uninterruptible Power Supply unit arrives complete with the correct power, voltages, and receptacles making installation simple. Plug in the instrument and accessories, plug in the unit and turn it on and you are finished. Installations requiring different voltages for the instrument, computer or accessories will have all voltages and the correct receptacles with circuit breaker protection for your plugs. This assures the instrument and accessories have a common electrical ground and common electrical neutral.

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