As the COVID-19 spreads across the globe, medical facilities are starting to crumble under the pressure. Most organizations in the deeply affected areas have cut down on their operations and this, in the long term, affects the supplies needed in testing for COVID-19 and catering for patients.

To minimize possibilities of disruption, it’s important for medical establishments to put in place a backup system that would guarantee continuity in their noble work.

So, what should a back system for COVID-19 entail?

While there are tens of basic items needed when testing for COVI-19 or catering for the affected, here are key items that should be available at all times.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPT) – these include face masks, protective goggles, protective footwear, body gown, and gloves. Lacking these key items may lead to exposure of the staff as they attend to the affected.

Testing kit – fact is without testing kit, there isn’t much that the medics can do about COVID-19.

Clinical care equipment – besides the basic testing kit, it’s paramount to have a back up of equipment that can help cater for sick. Such apparatus include ventilators, medical supplies for managing the conditions, and blood supply for emergency cases.

Power back up system – it’s no brainer blackout can lead to deaths besides slowing down the testing process. It’s thus important to ensure you have backup power sources that can serve the facility for some hours before the main supply is restored.

The items included in a backup system may differ in composition and quality depending on the state, cases at hand, and other factors. What’s important is to ascertain the availability of basic items that can guarantee continuity of the testing services and the treatment of COVID-19 patients.


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