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Laboratory Protection Systems/Uninterruptible Power Supplies (LPS/UPS) by Franek Technologies are recommended by the world’s leading manufacturers of medical and scientific equipment.

Power quality problems represent an enormous cost to the healthcare industry in reduced productivity, expensive retesting and re-calibration, lost reporting time and equipment damage. In addition, field studies have shown that electronic equipment powered by a clean, continuous energy source has a longer life span and a lower overall cost of ownership.

Installing a Franek high-quality Laboratory Protection System (LPS/UPS) with battery power reserves is a simple way of avoiding the risks associated with poor-quality power. Each LPS/UPS model is configured for your specific instrument, further ensuring you have the right power for the job.

By improving power in your lab, Franek LPS/UPS solutions can boost your operating margins. In fact, case studies indicate that a lab can expect an attractive ROI and cost/benefits ratio between 5:1 and 10:1. This means an investment in LPS/UPS units returns a positive bottom line you can realize right away.

Our qualified engineers know and understand your lab equipment and can provide immediate power protection solutions. Whether it’s a DNA Analyzer or a Mass Spectrometer, no instrument is unknown to us. To find out how an investment in LPS/UPS units can avoid instrument damage and lost productivity while improving the bottom line, please contact Franek – our engineers have the answers to your questions and are ready to help.

Matching you to the right power supply is easy – all we need is the make and model to get started. To have a look for yourself, you can find the correct unit by using our certified CAT-III-3 database, under the “Instrument Power Protection” application section of this site.

Find out how to maximize your instrumentation system’s performance while saving thousands of dollars for your organization. Contact Franek today at 800-326-6480.