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The leader in Laboratory Power Protection Systems

Franek Technologies, Inc. is the leader in Laboratory Power Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), Surge Protector aka Battery Backup Power. Franek truly understands the unique needs and concerns of laboratories who only get paid for completed tests and whose results rely on access to clean, uninterruptible power supply for their laboratory Instruments.

Laboratory Power Protection Systems History

Founded in 1974, Franek was selected by Baxter Scientific as the only Laboratory UPS for inclusion in Baxter’s enormous and well-regarded hospital laboratory catalog. In 1998, Dr. J. Craig Venter at Celera Genomics selected Franek to supply the hundreds of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the human genome race – a race we won!

Laboratory Power Protection Systemsresearch & development

For decades, our OEM and large application customers have been recognized the world over for their research & development, drug discovery and reporting of clinical diagnostic results in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences laboratory sectors while being protected by Franek Laboratory Power Protection.

We continue to implement the original philosophies of President and CEO John D. Franek by offering laboratory power protection products and consulting services that ensure our customers are safeguarded against interruptions in electrical service – maintaining productivity and protecting data accuracy.